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ASSIGNMENT DETAILS - 8th Grade Research Paper: US Interventions and the Cold War


Your paper will examine one example of US intervention in a foreign nation during the Cold War. You will read about the event itself, as well as historians’ opinions of it. Finally, you will craft an informed thesis and write a paper that supports it.



             ·       Go to

             ·       Click "Create a Personal ID" --> check “student,” choose "South Middle School," and select "2018"

       o   Choose a Personal ID - your teachers can see the ID you select

       o   Enter your initials and last 4 cell digits for password retrieval

             ·       Sign in, then click “Create New Project”

             ·       Select MLA Advanced as your preferred citation type and name your paper

             ·       Click on “Share project with a teacher’s drop box”

o   Type in your teacher’s name and choose the correct class period

o   In the “First and Last Name” form, use your real name

Topic Choices – you may choose to study the US intervention in...

                ·       Guatemala (1953)

                ·       Iran (1953)

                ·       Cuba (1961)

                ·       Afghanistan (1979)


Thesis Options

            1.     In this case, US intervention was appropriate...

            2.     In this case, US intervention was not appropriate...

            3.     In this case, US intervention was successful...

            4.     In this case, US intervention was not successful...


Sections Required in Paper

          I.      Introduction

         II.     Historical Background: The US and the Cold War

         III.    Historical Background of Nation in Question

         IV.   Details of Intervention

         V.   Results and Aftermath of Intervention

         VI.   Analysis and Conclusion

Citations – Use parenthetical citations within your paper (Author’s name, page #). These should go at the end of the sentence(s) that use information from that source, whether quoted directly or not.


Ex: Kostopoulos describes the extent to which this was apparent, stating, “Never before had I worked with a single group of students who smelled quite so bad.” (Kostopoulos, 26)


Ex: Some experts have even argued that math can be fun. (Pelech, 137)


At the end of your paper, you will include a bibliography (MLA format) detailing all of your sources.

Due Dates

              ·      Thesis, rough outline, and note cards for first 3 sources due – 3/5/2014

      ·       Complete note cards for all sources due – 3/10/2014

              ·       First draft of paper and bibliography due – 3/14/2014

              ·       Final paper and bibliography RECOMMENDED DUE DATE – 3/18/2014

                                                                  (FINAL DUE DATE – 3/19/2014)

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